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Monday, November 16, 2015

10 VR headsets for under $10

So you want to try out some of the new virtual reality apps coming out, or you want to watch movies in 3D, but aren’t quite ready to shell out real money for a real headset. I don’t blame you. The technology is evolving quickly — by the time the headset arrives, it might already be out of date. And until you try it, you don’t know whether you’ll like it or not, or if you’ll check it out once and then never touch it again. Plus, the first time you order one, you probably won’t know what features are important to you.

So before you waste your money buying something that you won’t like, will never use, or that won’t fit, try out one of these low-cost options and find out if virtual reality is for you.

Google Cardboard v2 for 6-inch phones: $8.87

This is the latest, 2015 version of the Google Cardboard headset. Buy it from AliExpress for $8.87 including shipping and have it delivered within two weeks. The headset replaces the magnetic button on the side that was the hallmark of the first version of Google Cardboard with a touch button on top that works with more phones. The headset is also designed to hold larger phones. It works with both Androids and iPhones, but there are more virtual reality apps available on the Android side. Discounts available for bulk purchases.

Also available from other sellers on AliExpress for $6.37 for delivery within 25 days and for $5.15 for delivery within 40 days. Or order it from TinyDeal for $5.86 or from DHgate for $6.08 with free shipping and two week delivery.

Yes, it’s made of cardboard. No, it won’t last long. Yes, you will sweat on it and it will get stained. But you’ll have fun with it, and your friends will have fun with it. And if you step on it accidentally and squish it, you won’t mourn its loss.

Google Cardboard v1 for 5-inch phones: $6.46

This is last year’s version of the Google Cardboard headset. Designed for smaller phones, it has a magnet on the side that can be used to interact with apps. The magnet does not work with all models of phones, however. Discounts available for bulk purchases. Buy it from AliExpress for $6.46 including shipping and have it delivered within seven days.

Also available from other sellers on AliExpress for $1.99 for delivery within 26 days and from Amazon starting at $4.21. Or order it from TinyDeal: a black version for $4.83 or a Christmas version for $4.81, or a camouflage version for $4.95, all with free shipping and 30-day delivery. There’s also a shiny metallic pink one for $6.88 with free shipping and two-week delivery from Airyear, which also has the same set with metallic blue, metallic green, and metallic silver paper over the cardboard.

I bought my Google Cardboard in regular plain cardboard color from Amazon for around $5 and have no regrets. I also have a higher-priced, plastic one, but I still grab the cardboard one first because it’s quick and easy to use and actually has a wider field of view because the phone is closer to your face. On the other hand, the lenses can’t be adjusted, so I try not to use it for more than a few minutes at a time because everything is slightly out of focus.

Leegoal for $9.89

This is a hard plastic case with foam padding and a headstrap designed to hold phones of 3.5 to 5.6 inches. It is available from AliExpress for $9.46, with free shipping, and estimated delivery within 15 days. It does not have a control button, so interacting with apps requires either an external Bluetooth controller — or opening the case and tapping on the screen. The distance between the lenses is adjustable, but not the distance between the lenses and your eyes.

Also available from other sellers on AliExpress for $8.99 for delivery within 23 days and from DHgate for $9.89 with free shipping and six week delivery.

VR Polarized 3D Glasses II for 6 inch phones for $9.75

This headset fits slightly larger phones, but it’s unclear from the description whether you can adjust the lenses. Buy it from AliExpress for $9.75, with free shipping, and delivery within two months.

Sali EVA 3D Glasses for 6 inch phones for $7.87

The cutest headset for under $10, this is the same as Google Cardboard V1, complete with magnet on the side — except its made from soft EVA foam instead of cardboard. Buy it from AliExpress for $7.87, with free shipping, and delivery scheduled for 25 days. Don’t expect to be able to adjust anything.

Purple EVA 3D Glasses for 6 inch phones for $9.99

This headset is very similar to the one above, except the construction is slightly different, and it uses different colors. The headstrap is not pictured but is listed in the product description. Buy it from AliExpress for $9.99, with free shipping, and delivery scheduled for 15 days.

Hasbro My3D Viewer for $6.65

Not quite a Google Cardboard, but a virtual reality headset nonetheless, Hasbro’s My3D Viewer works only with iPhone and iPod touch devices up to 4G. There’s a small number of free and paid apps to download. Buy for $6.65 from Amazon with free shipping on orders over $35, or check out the other sellers on Amazon in black and also in white at variety of low prices.

The product has been discontinued and its associated website shut down, so this is a collector’s item, folks.

PU Leather and Microfiber 3D Glasses for $8.70

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish and grownup in a virtual reality headset, check out this unit made from PU leather and microfiber. PU leather, in case you’re unfamiliar with the material, is a combination of leather and polyurethane. So, not real leather, but leather-adjacent. This is the standard Google Cardboard configuration, with a magnet on the side, and non-adjustable lenses. Get it from TinyDeal for $8.70, with free shipping, and delivery estimated in 30 days.

Woody 3D Glasses for $9.77

This headset is similar to the one above, except instead of being made from a leather-like material, it’s made from a wood-like material. Order it from TinyDeal for $9.77, with free shipping, and estimated 30 day delivery.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Google Pixel C confirmed: Pixel tablet UK release date, price and specification

A new Google Pixel C tablet will arrive later this year running Android rather than Chrome OS, Google has confirmed. Here we round up all the information on the Pixel C tablet UK release date, price and specification.

Google Pixel C tablet UK release date: When is the Pixel tablet coming out?

The Pixel C tablet ws announced on the same day as Google unveiled its new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones, the final version of Android Marshmallow, a new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

For now we know only that the Google Pixel C will be available in time for Christmas. As soon as an exact release date is given we will update this article.

Google Pixel C tablet price: How much does the Pixel tablet cost?

The Pixel C tablet comes in two versions, 32GB and 64GB, priced at $499 and $599 respectively. The detachable keyboard costs $149. Stay tuned for UK pricing.

Google Pixel C tablet specifications: What to expect from the new Pixel tablet

Many of the rumours we heard this morning about the Pixel C turned out to be true.

With the new Google Pixel C tablet the company has reimagined the tablet, trying to come up with a design that works for both work and play.

As such, the keyboard is detachable and held on by strong magnets, and adjustable between 100- and 135 degrees, so there's no kickstand to get in the way.

The keyboard has a very decent 18.8mm pitch, making for a great touch-typing experience. This has been achieved by taking five less frequently used buttons from the keyboard and placing them on the screen.
The keyboard connects to the tablet over Bluetooth, and charges inductively when closed. All you need is a couple of minutes charge a day, but even when you don't the battery can last up to two months, according to the company.

When you don't need the keyboard it attaches to the rear of the tablet, close to hand but out of the way.

The forthcoming Pixel C tablet runs not Chrome OS but Google Android. It ship with the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.

It has a 10.2in, 308ppi screen with a bright backlight capable of 500 nits. It is powered by an Nvidia X1 quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM and a Maxwell desktop-class GPU.

There are four mics, allowing for voice interaction from anywhere in the room, and it's easy to quickly check the battery life with a double-tap on the light bar.

Pixel laptops have metal designs and very decent screens. The Pixel tablet follows that design ideal.

The Pixel C will also benefit from software updates every six weeks, meaning it will only get better.

In common with the Chromebook Pixel and new Nexus phones the Pixel C tablet supports USB Type-C for data transfer and charging.

Additional Tip:

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Here are relevant products:

Wondershare TunesGo: Frees your music anywhere from iTunes to Google Pixel C. 

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iFastime Video Converter Ultimate: Make all your Blu-ray, DVD collections and movie library compatible with Google Pixel C, you don’t have to sacrifice any video quality during the video conversion.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Google To Challenge Apple TV With Chromecast 2

Some time ago Apple introduced the 4th generation Apple TV focused on gaming followed soon by Amazon stepping in the ring with three new TV-focused devices including the new fire TV box, an improved Fire TV stick, and a new fire gaming TV box. With Television based devices being the hottest thing this season, it was only a matter of time before Google entered the race with an announcement about the Second-generation Chromecast.

9To5Google claims to have obtained documents highlighting the massive changes in the second-generation Chromecast. Apparently the major objective for the new Chromecast was to make it as different to its predecessor as possible. The dongle like shape of the original has been replaced with something, that is for now, entirely unintelligible. The new shape appears to be a singular earmuff although it is not possible to say with certainty, at this time, if what we see will end up taking the shape of the final product.

Offered in three colors: yellow, black and red the device is expected to have an extravaganza of functional upgrades from its previous version.  Similar to the Amazon Fire TV set-box, the second-generation will feature better Wi-Fi to aid High-Quality streaming with no buffer issues. Although the full technical specifications for the new device are still unknown it is speculated to offer the new 802.11ac band where the original Chromecast only supported the 802.11b/g/n.

The new Chromecast is also reported to be able to support content feeds on the home screen. Although the nature of these feeds is currently unknown it probably means you will be able to look at social media feeds while the screensaver is on. The screensaver or “backdrop mode” itself, is fully customizable with the ability to add preset wallpapers/ weather info or your own personal photos. Another new feature called the “Fast play” is presumed to utilize the improved Wi-Fi to stream content from a supported device with as little delay as possible. As soon as the user presses the “cast” button after choosing a device to stream from, the Chromecast will begin streaming.

After Apple’s and Amazon’s respective TV oriented products earlier this month it would only be logical to see how Google attempts to trump the competition with its new Chromecast. It is advisable to wait until September 29th, when the Chromecast is said to be officially introduced, before making any investments in the aforementioned products. The device is said to be priced relatively similar to the original Chromecast and will launch in exactly 10 countries to start off with. Compared to this the Apple TV is clearly more superior. Additionally its amazing remote along with a virtual assistant we feel that it will blow Google’s offering right out of the water. The Apple device also allows its users to play a game which is a big plus for most tech savvy people.

Tips for Enjoying Movies on Chromecast 2

If you have collected lots of Videos (H.265, MKV, AVI, Tivo, FLV, etc.) and Songs (such as FLAC, AAC, AC3, M4A, WMA, etc.), and want to stream these files to Chromecast 2 for enjoying freely, here recommend iFastime Video Converter Ultimate. With it, you can batch convert various videos and audio files to Chromecast 2 readable MP4 video with AAC audio, most importantly, without any quality loss. It’s freely to adjust the video, audio parameters to get a decent output video that you want. It perfectly supports Windows 10! Mac version is here.


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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Here’s The Latest On Google Inc. Upcoming Nexus Smartphones

Recent reports reveal Google is all set to introduce two Nexus smartphones. Bidness Etc takes a look at the expected features and what the devices will be called.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has been working with Huawei and LG on its latest Nexus smartphones for quite some time now. Reports from Droid Life reveal the upcoming Huawei-made successor to last year’s Nexus 6 will be named, the Nexus 6P.

While the LG manufactured smartphone is expected to be unveiled by the end of this month and will be called the Nexus 5X - a successor to Nexus 5 which was the most popular Nexus smartphone in the series.

It seems Google could pose a serious challenge to Apple Inc.'s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6s with its latest smartphones. This time around, Google is prepared to make amends and is looking to introduce two models of its flagship device. The Nexus 5X is a 5.2-inch smartphone while the larger Huawei-made Nexus 6P is a phablet.

It comes as little surprise as to why Google has named its Huawei Nexus as the Nexus 6P. The P could possibly stand for a phablet while some merely think Huawei has a habit of using "P" to name its flagships.

Google is expected to unveil the two new smartphones alongside a new Chromecast at Google's event scheduled for September 29. Leaked pictures of the two devices have surfaced over the Internet, showcasing the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner and protruding rear cameras.

Stay tuned for more news on the smartphones as we head closer to Google's event.

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